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Your branding journey with Source begins with far more than perfunctory desk research on available names. You’re looking for something distinctive and memorable, and importantly, a name that provokes an emotional connection as much as an intellectual one with your brand. Choosing Source as your branding specialist starts with our creative team fully understanding your target customer.

It’s a dynamic, detailed body of research. A talking, testing and evaluation roadmap that sees us tap into the psyche of your target customer to deliver a brand name that will resonate with your desired audience. Brand name generation should be a joyful journey, not a painful process.

We are very happy with the brand name, branding and design of the packaging for Message & A Bottle which we worked on in collaboration with Source Design. Source provided a wide range of design skills to deliver the various aspects of the project, and the team brainstorming was very beneficial in gaining creative ideas from across Sources’ wider team of designers.

Colin Sinclair, Managing Director – Message & A Bottle

Over 211,000 new companies were formed during the first quarter of 2021, and 900,000 domain names are registered each week, so there’s plenty of competition when it comes to owning a meaningful name.

Our aim is to transition you from ‘brand to watch’ to ‘brand to emulate’. That’s our creative impetus. When you engage Source, we’re in your camp from the get-go. Consider us an extension of your marketing team. You believe in your brand. So do we. Because this is about you and your story.