Consistency is key. And with so much marketing material available to promote your brand, it’s vital to ensure this all remains true to your original styling.

That’s where Source comes in. Once your unique brand has been established, we will create a set of guidelines that detail how your styling should be used across different areas of your promotional activity. For instance, something that looks great and works well on your social media pages may not translate as well across print material. Our comprehensive guide will point you in the right direction so that you can rest assured your brand will look its best no matter where it appears.

Bespoke guidelines to keep your bespoke identity looking great

Our talented team of creative designers are experts at knowing what works well in a variety of situations. Our keen eyes know exactly what to look for, giving you the confidence to know your branding will look great in any situation.

Written from your perspective so that it can easily be shared with others if you require, the clear set of guidelines will formulate consistency across your brand’s entire marketplace on an ongoing basis. We will include information on your logo display, brand icons, typography, colour palette and much more. Not only that, but we also provide examples of how each of these should (and should not) be used to guarantee complete clarification.

To get your hands on your very own set of brand guidelines, give our creative design team a call today.