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Social Media Tips & Tricks: Facebook

Someone somewhere will have told you that your business must use social media in your marketing strategy. It might have even been us.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others have changed the modern world. We are now raising the next generation who haven’t known a time where social media didn’t exist. It has become interwoven into society and is an unbelievably powerful tool.

From a business point of view, social media is something you can no longer ignore. If your customers are using it, then you probably should too. But, with so many channels available it can be difficult to optimise your output.

Fear not! Our digital marketing experts have put together a few helpful tips for some of the main channels. So let’s get started with the biggest of them all, Facebook.

Understanding What Facebook Does

You’ve probably got a personal Facebook account. If so, think about how you use it. Do you follow any brands? Do you share content and, more importantly, engage with any businesses? Have you ever reviewed a local restaurant? Do you send products you like to any of your friends? Do you upload photos of the places you visit? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then that is your answer to, “Why should my business use Facebook?”

It’s easy to get your business on Facebook. Whilst signed in, go to the top right and click the drop-down menu. Click ‘Create Page’ and follow the basic setup options. Top tip: Make sure you use an appropriate name so that it is really easy for people to find you.

Once you have created your page, you should think about uploading a profile image and header. Here’s a helpful size guide to get you started?

These images should reflect your brand and be high quality. Also, try not to use too much text on them. Top tip: Too much text will turn people off. If you are trying to squeeze text into a small square profile picture, it isn’t going to look good.

If you want to stand out from the competition, instead of using a header image, you could consider a short video, like this one.

Tell People About Your Business

Make sure that you fill in all of the details ‘About’ your business on your Facebook page. Include your opening hours, contact details, and your address. Users will love these little features if they are able to find them quickly and easily. Top tip: Anyone on Facebook can leave you a review. So try to encourage people to do so. This will help you to show off how great you are, as well as building trust with users who haven’t used you before.

Sharing Content Via Facebook

Once all of your information has been populated, start to think about what content you will share. Ultimately you want to be able to drive traffic to your website via Facebook.

If you’ve written a great blog post about the benefits of your product, share a link to it. Make sure you give users a reason to engage. Whatever you do, not publish the entire article on Facebook. This will away from your website. Plus, this won’t give you any SEO benefit. If you need a few tips when it comes to writing a blog post, see our ‘How To’ guide.

How Often Should You Be Posting Updates?

Continue to post content on Facebook every few days. Showing that you regularly updating your page means that you are active. If someone makes a comment, reply. Show them, and anyone else who visits your page, that you care.

Top tip: If a user posts a negative comment, do not ignore it. Reply and discuss options to talk about the matter privately. The last thing you want to do is get into an argument with a customer in view of everyone.

Your Facebook page is up and running, so what happens now?

Firstly, make sure you link your website to your Facebook page and your Facebook page to your website. This will allow users to navigate between the two with ease. Make sure you continue to post relevant content, and where possible, link it back to your website.

Use Facebook as the channel that directs users to the awesome things that you do as a business. It is a good opportunity to reach your audience directly. You also have the option to chat with them, share photos and update them on the latest news in your industry.

Once you feel confident enough with the platform, you could start to advert on Facebook. This will allow you to gain access to the vast amounts of customer data. You’ll be able to produce highly targeted campaigns which can be evaluated on a daily basis.

Thinking about social media advertising? Speak to our digital marketing experts today and discover the true potential of this powerful tool.

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GDPR & The Catch 22

After years of preparation and debate, the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in April 2016. Despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU, GDPR is one of the many regulations that we will continue to enforce. As of the 25th May 2018, new data handling rules will apply.

What Is GDPR?

In a nutshell, GDPR is an updated version of the Data Protection Act 1998. The core principles remain the same, so most businesses should already be largely compliant. That being said, many things have changed over the last 20 years, but the laws that protect our personal data haven’t changed with them. Until now…

For many individuals, their personal data has been shared far and wide. Mainly as a result of technology. There have been laws that protect our data, but it has become too easy in recent years to abuse our information.

Do you know which businesses have access to your personal information? The answer is likely no. But that is about to change.

What Impact Will GDPR Have On Me?

As a consumer, GDPR is going to be a great thing. Your personal information should be personal again and you will have control of it.

For example, if you buy something online there shouldn’t be any confusing marketing questions. Sign-up forms and requests to use your data need to be crystal clear. No longer will you see preselected tick boxes. Ideally, you will be taken to a different page and asked if you would like to opt-in to any marketing. And that is the important bit, opting-in.

As an individual, you will also have the right to request access to your data. After the 25th May 2018, you can ask to see what data a business stores on you. That business must be able to fulfil this request quickly, easily and free of charge. And if they can’t, then they can expect an investigation or possible fine.

And here’s the good bit. If you aren’t happy with the data they have, you can request for it to corrected or be destroyed. No ifs and buts. It has to be deleted* and never used again. The power is in your hands.

What Impact Will GDPR Have On My Business?

As a business, you will need to be transparent and cooperate with the regulations, or face hefty fines. If you haven’t already started to consider the impact of GDPR, then you should do it now.

If you are a business that processes personal data and shares it with other companies, then you will likely have a big task. If you haven’t already, we would advise speaking to a GDPR specialist. They will be able to support you throughout the process.

If you are a small business with minimal amounts of data, things might be a little simpler. However, you must make sure you have got the correct processes and policies in place to adhere to the new rules. There are lots of great websites offering advice and support, such as The GDPR Checklist.

Firstly, figure out what personal data you hold. You will soon be able to see the potential impact of GDPR. Whatever you do, do not ignore it. If you have any concerns or questions you could always speak to us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

The GDPR Catch 22

Whilst the initial thought of GDPR might be daunting, it is a positive thing. Times have changed, and the way we use personal data needs to improve. Customers will approve if you adhere to the new rules and don’t abuse their personal information. So don’t delay. Take action today and ensure you are GDPR compliant by the 25th May 2018.

Remember, even if they are an existing client or customer you will need their consent. If you don’t have it by the deadline then you won’t be able to process their data, and that includes deleting it. In that situation, it will be illegal for you to hold it, or get rid of it, a real catch 22.

*The only exception is transaction data. This has to be held for a minimum time period.

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