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The Answer To Your “Why”: Mouse Tracking & Click Analytics Heatmap Software

People are visiting your website – great. You know which pages they’re visiting – even better. But do you know why? What’s motivating people to visit a certain area and, more importantly, is it the area you want them to visit? If not, why not?


Whilst Google Analytics is, undeniably, an extremely useful asset that all business websites should be using, there are certain things it can’t tell you. Yes, it will detail how many visitors you’ve had and where they went on your site. It can also tell you how many of those gave up and went elsewhere. What it can’t tell you though, is why – why did they decide to leave before converting into a purchase or a lead?

This is where heatmaps and click analytics software come in. 

What are heatmaps?

In a nutshell, heatmaps provide you with a visual representation of engagement on a particular page. The “hotter” the engagement, the “hotter” the visual. True to their name, heatmaps display those areas which generate the most attention with warmer red, orange and yellow colours. On the other hand, those areas with less engagement are a cooler blue in colour.

The data is often compiled by monitoring a combination of clicks, mouse movements and hovers. Together with analytics data, heatmaps are a great way to discover what people are doing on your website and detail whether users are focusing on your most important areas.

It’s worth noting that, whilst eye-tracking heatmap software is available – which reports on what people are physically looking at on a website, without having to move a mouse – this is usually much harder to apply and more expensive.

A heatmap can help you decide whether any changes are required to a page. For instance, if your call-to-action button isn’t getting as much attention as you’d like, heatmaps can show you why; is there an advert nearby which is absorbing attention? If so, maybe the call-to-action should be moved to a more prominent position.

What is the best heatmap software?

There are numerous heatmap software providers out there. We tested several to find the best ones but two, in particular, stood out from the crowd:


If you’re new to heatmaps and their functionality, Hotjar is a good place to start. 

  • It offers a 15 day free business trial to give you a good understanding of how the whole process works
  • Use one email address to set up an account and then, if required, it allows you to produce sub-accounts under the same address
  • You can add multiple users to view accounts, enabling others in your organisation to view the data
  • The set-up is simple; just add the tracking code (or ask your web developer to do this for you)
  • Decide which pages you want to focus on and create heatmaps using their simple step-by-step process. Filter the data to view by device and/or type (click, move or scroll). Heatmaps are downloadable and display how many clicks you received per section as well as how many pageviews
  • A really interesting feature is their recordings section. When people visit the site, Hotjar literally records their movements for you to watch back later in video form. These provide a huge amount of information including the user’s location, details of what and how many pages were viewed, how long the recording is, what device, browser and operating system were used, and the date. You can even bookmark the most telling ones to save for later
  • Use the funnels section to track conversions. As well as listing sessions and conversion rates, the funnels will also allow you to view a recording of those people that converted into a lead or sale
  • Other features include; asking visitors for their opinions on your website with polls, surveys and recruiters, which invites them to a live user test screen sharing


Offering everything Hotjar provides and more, Mouseflow is a great tool if you’re after something a little extra with minimal effort on your part. Set-up is simple if you’re looking for something to start straight away as Mouseflow does a lot of the work for you. 

  • There’s a 14 day free business trial
  • We definitely recommend taking the time to watch the thorough demonstration which provides a great walk-through of the software and its features
  • Set-up is minimal. You don’t have to create any heatmaps or recordings – instead they will automatically produce these for you as soon as the tracking code is in place and people start visiting your site
  • The recordings feature details where a person was referred from
  • It also skips long periods of inactivity, so when you’re watching the videos, you don’t have to wait until a person moves the mouse before seeing their next movements

Other heatmap software

Hotjar and Mouseflow were our favourites but there are others we tried which you may wish to take a look at, such as:

  • Crazy Egg
  • Lucky Orange
  • MouseStats
  • Simple Heatmaps

One final thing to note is your own traffic. You probably visit your website more than most people so whenever you use a heatmap, be sure to block your own IP address as soon as possible. That way, you’ll ensure your own visits to the website are excluded and won’t affect the final statistics.

At Source, we don’t just stop working on a website after pressing the launch button. Our technical and marketing teams work together with our clients to ensure their business websites perform to the best of their ability. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about heatmaps and what paths are taken by your website users, give our team a call.

The Coracle World Championships?! Whatever Floats Your Boat

Yes, that’s right. Just three months after the last event, Source are at it again; banding together and raising money for another worthy cause. This time, the event takes place on the banks of – or should we say “in” (probably!) – the River Severn. Once again, we’re delighted to be taking part in the Macmillan Coracle World Championships.

Source Fundraising For Macmillan At Coracle World Championships

Are you new to the idea of coracle racing? Essentially, the aim is to navigate yourself from one side of the River Severn to the other and back again, all whilst onboard a rather small, sometimes tough-to-steer coracle.

Taking part in the fundraising this time are Sally, Kit, Gareth, Mike, Nick and James. Whilst Sally, Gareth and Kit have seen their fair share of coracle races in the past, Mike, Nick and James are all new to the concept. However, on Friday 15th September, they’re all willing to set any apprehensions aside to brave the unpredictable River Severn and raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

If you’d like to support us, please feel free to come along to the Pengwern Boat Club in Shrewsbury Quarry at 3pm on Friday 15th September to motivate us with your cheers and well wishes. Or, even better, please dig deep and donate; every penny is welcome and your donation counts, no matter how big or small.

At the Race for Life event, the ladies of Source raised a whopping £1,057.50, so please help us again by making a donation here –

It really is a fun day out and some of the fancy dress costumes are amazing! We’re delighted to be taking part again and we’re really looking forward to it. And, incidentally, the 15th September is actually Kit’s birthday – needless to say, one way or another, he’ll be going in the river for a good, old fashioned birthday dunking!

Digital Economy Act: 2017 Updates

We’re only half way through 2017, yet this year has already proven a rambunctious time for digital lawmakers! In the UK, discussion has been rife over recent changes in Internet law. The Investigatory Powers Act, which controversially allows our secret services to snoop on and record every UK citizen’s Internet habits, came into being earlier in the year, against the advice of… well, almost everyone.

Source At The Shropshire Business Awards 2017

Suited and booted in our fanciest of clothes, several members of the Source team recently headed over to the Telford International Centre to attend this year’s Shropshire Business Awards.

Look, We Promise Social Media Really Does Work: A Case Study

Regular readers will be aware that Source were taking part in Shrewsbury’s Race For Life this month. Well, we did it. Not only did we run the entire 5K (with some of us beating our personal bests), but we also managed to raise a staggering amount of money.

Source Raising Money For Cancer Research UK In Race For Life

Novelty t-shirts on and running shoes at the ready, Source is uniting with thousands of women across the country for one purpose; to beat cancer!

The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Design

The concept is simple - making your website, application, or digital advertising, respond to being displayed on a small screen (like a smart phone) by altering it’s layout. Buttons become larger and easier to touch, whilst other non-vital elements such as decorative images or illustrations are made smaller, or are hidden completely...

Keep alert - email scammers continue to get more convincing!

UPDATE (30/03/2017) - Although this article is more about dealing with email scams, social media scams are also on the rise - have a read of this article to see just how clever the scammers have become.

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How many times have you visited a website which you’re certain offers what you’re looking for, but you’ve been infuriated by how the website works? Hard-to-find buttons, menus that don’t work properly, and information...

Out with the Old

We hope 2017 is being kind to you so far. In (great) anticipation of next month’s start to Daylight Saving Time, Source is having a ‘spring’ clean. Since moving to our current offices in 2014, we’ve seen an influx of new clients and exciting projects. Many of these include packaging and photography, and with these types of project come prototypes, props and equipment. Over time it adds up!