Google Ads

Thinking of promoting your business with paid marketing? Whilst it may seem like a daunting prospect if you haven’t used it before, Google Ads is by far the most popular online advertising platform, making it an important consideration for any marketing strategy.

Your potential customers are searching for your products or services right now! So why not tap into that market and target them with Google Ads?

Which Google Ads strategy is right for me?

Google Search Ads Explained – Video Transcript

“When it comes to Google Ads, there are two main types of search-based advertising that you can use.

The first one is search advertising and what that is, is when a user types in a specific keyword, Google will target your advert towards them with text only. And what you’re aiming to do with that is create some compelling copy that will hopefully encourage a click through to a certain page on your website, based on the search term of that user.

The other option is a shopping advert. It works in a very, very similar way that when someone types in a specific product, your shopping advert will appear in the search result page with a little image and a bit of an idea of how much that product will cost. The advantage of that one – certainly from an e-commerce perspective – is that you’re hoping to get a person to click through directly to that product page and, basically, streamline that process of getting them to the checkout.”  

Before spending any money on advertising, it is really important to establish your marketing goals. This will help you decide which type of Google Ads campaign is right for you. To give you an idea, here’s a brief breakdown of Google’s four main campaign options.

Google Search Ads

As text-based adverts, Search Ads appear directly within Google’s search results and are triggered whenever someone searches for a specific keyword or phrase. To meet all requirements, they need a headline and description, both of which should be used to effectively convey your message and encourage a user to click through. Only once your ad has been clicked will your account be charged; that’s when the user is taken to your chosen landing page.

Google Shopping Ads

Running an eCommerce website? Shopping Ads could be for you. By linking your products with Google, users searching for what you have to offer can click directly through to your shopping page. Before they even get that far though, the format of these adverts means a user can see an image of your product, together with the cost…directly within the search results. Not only does this encourage direct navigation to your website’s shopping page, but it also provides users with the information they need before clicking through – making them more likely to convert into a customer.

Google Display Ads

Another visual way to get your message across, Display Ads enable you to showcase your products or services using imagery that’s guaranteed to catch a person’s eye. Based on a target demographic that you determine beforehand, Google will display your ads on specific places across a vast network of websites. Encouraging engagement and conversions, Display Ads are great for reaching a new audience that may otherwise be unaware of you, subsequently increasing your brand awareness.

Google Remarketing Ads

Wish there was a way to recapture the attention of people that have already visited your website? Well, there is! Remarketing Ads also use visual aids, this time targeting users who have already been on your website. As a great way of gently reminding someone about your products or services, it’s vital that your artwork includes a clear call-to-action to entice that person back to your website and, hopefully, convert them into a customer.

Advertising on social media

Did you know you can also advertise on a range of social media platforms? With the popularity of websites – such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – at an all time high, why not put your message in front of people that are sitting, whiling away the hours? Simply predetermine the type of audience you’re looking to target, set a budget and you’re away! As with Google Ads, you will only be charged whenever a person engages with your advert.

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