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ReThink are productivity specialists, dedicated to helping a range of clients improve efficiency across all manners of their business. Utilising a range of work measurement methodologies, ReThink create productivity insights to help businesses save money, time and ultimately move forwards.

The brief

In order to promote their range of services, ReThink were looking for a unified digital marketing strategy, that allowed them the flexibility to trial a multitude of organic and paid advertising.

We delivered

Based on the services we’d highly recommend, Source created a 12-month digital marketing retainer covering paid LinkedIn ads, Google ads, heatmapping, SEO, blog optimisation and campaign reporting. As ReThink were keen to trial a number of different digital services, a monthly retainer offered a more flexible and cost-effective solution.

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The results

Throughout the course of the retainer, Source trialled different artwork, messaging and budgets in order to determine which services offering the best return on investment. As well as SEO and paid ads, Source used heatmapping data to determine areas of friction within the website user journey and make more intuitive visual changes.

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The detail

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ReThink social assets


increase in September visitors, compared to the start of the campaign in January

Finding Quick Wins Practical productivity

Source have supported us in driving additional leads and revenue by help us optimise our marketing spend and creating tailored content.

Simon Hedaux, Co-Founder – ReThink Productivity

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