The Lowdown

Marketing in the era of Pokémon Go

By now, you’ve likely been exposed to Pokémon Go in one form or another – whether you’ve seen gaggles of kids (or adults) gathered around trying to catch a Pikachu, or if you yourself have felt the call to catch ’em all!

For the uninitiated, the game allows you to walk around in your local area, be that a city or somewhere more rural, and use your smartphone to find and catch Pokémon which can later be battled with others. The game is already a phenomenal success, with an estimated 10 million players worldwide, and as of writing it has yet to be released in the franchise’s home country of Japan.

Augmented Reality Marketing

Why now? Pokémon games have been around for over 20 years. The answer is simple – the technology. Smartphones now have all the magic ingredients needed to make such a game possible; accurate low-power GPS hardware, excellent cameras, and powerful graphics.

The implications for such technology go far beyond video games. Augmented Reality (AR) has existed for a long time, but is only now becoming a mainstream method to market brands. Pokémon Go remains a good example. Imagine you run a restaurant, that wishes to publicise a lunchtime deal. How best to target potential punters? The ideal customer is:

  1. In the local area.
  2. Has some time to spend on a leisurely lunch.
  3. Will ideally bring others in to the restaurant too.

The solution: utilise your presence in the in-game map to draw those engaged in the game to you – because the game is based on the real world. Many businesses are already finding out the benefits of leveraging AR as selling points. Here are a selection of articles highlighting those that are benefiting:

The marketing opportunities also extend to the game world itself.  In the near future, Pokémon Go will feature sponsored locations for retailers, which means that people playing the game will be able to see and interact with your venue from within the game world – an obvious advantage to any business looking to market to particular demographics.

If you have marketing needs, come and talk to our dedicated and enthusiastic team – we promise we’ll stop training our Pokémon during the meeting.

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Bang! On….. with a shooting industry award for best website 2016

Source are delighted to announce that Boxall & Edmiston gunmakers have been recognised by the UK’s shooting industry and awarded the ‘best website 2016’. The prestigious Shooting Industry Awards are held annually by Time inc. and took place this year at the Mercure Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa, Warwickshire where the Boxall & Edmiston website scooped the prize based on...

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6th April '16


Source Sponsor a high flyer

Source are pleased to announce their sponsorship of Wing Cadet Warrant Officer Hope Millar (pictured today with Honorary Group Captain Carol Vorderman RAFVR(T)) for part of her fourth coming trip to Canada as part of the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) program which links the Air Cadets with the world. For 15 days every July and August students are exchanged...

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14th March '16


Why Source is a full-service agency

In recent days, we’ve seen a trend of businesses large and small utilising the services of several designers, web agency providers and freelancers to fulfil their marketing and design needs. One can understand the appeal. Shopping around is a good way to make sure you get what you want, and lets you see a range of competing prices, right? Whilst...

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10th March '16


Arabic Translation for Deraya Insurance Website

Our client Deraya, an insurance provider based in Egypt, returned to Source after the design and programming of their WordPress website for full Arabic translation. The translation of any complete website is always a comprehensive process, to say the least. Every line of text required a counterpart for each foreign language - and not only the text content of a...

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4th March '16

design opinion

“Great Design!”

The phrase “great design” is something that gets thrown around a lot; both by our clients and in our office! It’s often used to say we like something. As in, “Great design, I love it!” Other times we’re being more nebulous, and talk about great design as some sort of holy grail, almost unattainable for its mysterious meaning. Making the...

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4th January '16

source team

Introducing Lauren, our new Digital Marketing Executive

Say a big ‘hello’ to Lauren Quayle, Source’s latest addition. She joins us in the capacity of Digital Marketing Executive, where she will supplement our design and technical teams in bringing smart marketing approaches to fruition. Lauren joins Source from a background in SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media Marketing. Mobile advertising is a much more prominent form of marketing...

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11th December '15

brand marketing packaging website

Dragons, Harrods and Hamleys at Source…

Shrewsbury-based agency Source, which specialises in creative and digital marketing, has completed the first phase of a major packaging and online overhaul for a mid-Wales company that will see its products displayed in Harrods and Hamleys stores in London next year. Timberkits, based at Llanbrynmair in Powys, recently secured funding for expansion after appearing on television’s Dragons' Den programme, where...

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15th October '15

beer brand packaging

Refreshing New Look for Shropshire Brewer

A Shropshire brewery has rebranded its range of craft beers as part of a company expansion plan to drive sales into London and Europe. Formerly known as The Longden Brewing Company, proprietors Tim Wakeley and Oliver Waring have renamed the company The Shropshire Brewer and launched a new brand identity. Thanks to the creative solutions delivered by Shrewsbury-based design agency,...

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