The Lowdown

4th March '16

design opinion

“Great Design!”

The phrase “great design” is something that gets thrown around a lot; both by our clients and in our office!

It’s often used to say we like something. As in, “Great design, I love it!” Other times we’re being more nebulous, and talk about great design as some sort of holy grail, almost unattainable for its mysterious meaning.

Making the mundane magical!

In truth, great design means all of this, and more. When Source undertakes to design anything, whether it’s beautiful packaging, an effective website, or a compelling brochure, design is that element that ensures the product meets the needs of the client.

Great design makes packaging stand out on a shelf!

Great design converts an otherwise standard website into an intelligent, rich experience, reaching more customers and making more sales!

Great design turns a normal brochure into a page turner!

But how do we do it…?

Like the famous Pirate’s Code, there are no rules – they’re more like guidelines. Every element of a design is carefully considered for its impact on the viewer. Size, shape, colour, weight, spacing, kerning, leading, margin… and that’s just the text! Throw images into the mix, be they photographic or illustrative, and the possibilities for presentation are endless.

One key tenant to delivering a message using design is clarity. This means more than keeping text and imagery on the subject; great design uses tricks and shortcuts to leverage the average viewer’s perceptions and expectations, and creates a stronger impression without blending into the crowd.

Another timeless technique to creating memorability and impact in a design is contrast. Whilst this has the obvious meaning of ensuring text and imagery are easily distinguished and absorbed by the viewer, there is a secondary meaning. Contrast means making things stand out from others; giving your product or service the edge, whatever it takes.

Great design is real

Ultimately, great design, as with any beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder. There’s no one way to achieve any one design goal. But anyone will agree, beauty isn’t some myth; great design is real, and it’s important.

Follow the links on the imagery at the bottom of this article to see a few of our own great design examples from our portfolio.

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4th January '16

source team

Introducing Lauren, our new Digital Marketing Executive

Say a big ‘hello’ to Lauren Quayle, Source’s latest addition. She joins us in the capacity of Digital Marketing Executive, where she will supplement our design and technical teams in bringing smart marketing approaches to fruition.

Lauren joins Source from a background in SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media Marketing. Mobile advertising is a much more prominent form of marketing now than ever (for example, in 2016 UK mobile ad spend is forecast to overtake television and print for the first time) and Lauren’s roll will be pivotal in providing our clients with the most intelligent and effective marketing strategies available.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys hitting the gym and the muscles films of Tom Hardy.

If you would like to discuss your digital marketing needs, or talk about Tom Hardy, feel free to contact Source and ask for Lauren today!

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11th December '15

brand marketing packaging website

Dragons, Harrods and Hamleys at Source…

Shrewsbury-based agency Source, which specialises in creative and digital marketing, has completed the first phase of a major packaging and online overhaul for a mid-Wales company that will see its products displayed in Harrods and Hamleys stores in London next year. Timberkits, based at Llanbrynmair in Powys, recently secured funding for expansion after appearing on television’s Dragons' Den programme, where...

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15th October '15

beer brand packaging

Refreshing New Look for Shropshire Brewer

A Shropshire brewery has rebranded its range of craft beers as part of a company expansion plan to drive sales into London and Europe. Formerly known as The Longden Brewing Company, proprietors Tim Wakeley and Oliver Waring have renamed the company The Shropshire Brewer and launched a new brand identity. Thanks to the creative solutions delivered by Shrewsbury-based design agency,...

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Tools of the Trade

Techy post ahoy! If you’re interested in how the technical team take a web design and turn it into a living, breathing website, read on. For a long time, building website was reserve of a cerebral minority. Until the last few years, front-end development (the art of building what a visitor sees when they visit a website, out of nothing...

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14th April '15

marketing opinion source

Moving Pictures (or: how to viral)

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, think of the value of just a few seconds of video. Source have examined the phenomenon carefully, and we’re here to break down how video can work as a powerful tool for your marketing needs. The advent of viral marketing In the past few years, the Internet has seen the advent of faster...

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16th March '15

opinion programming

Micro Bit… or Raspberry Pi?

Some would argue that the British software industry (especially video games) can be traced back almost entirely to the bedroom coders of the 80s. The affordability of machines like the ZX Spectrum and Acorn Electron gave school children across the country the tools they needed to turn their ideas into reality, and give them skills that would eventually lead to...

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