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1st August '17

internet law security

Digital Economy Act: 2017 Updates

We are half way through 2017, yet this year has already proven a rambunctious time for digital lawmakers!

In the UK, discussion has been rife over recent changes in Internet law. The Investigatory Powers Act, which controversially allows our secret services to snoop on and record Internet habits, came into being earlier in the year. Against the advice of… well, almost everyone.

The US is hardly quiet on this front either. They are busily attempting to change net neutrality laws. The principle of net neutrality is that ISPs and the authorities must treat everything on the Internet the same, regardless of what it is. As an example, without net neutrality, if you used Sky as your ISP, they could block you from watching BBC or ITV. The could then effectively force you to pay for Sky content. More alarmingly, the government could censor websites that they don’t agree with!

What’s next for the Internet in the UK?

There will be further changes, which may affect Internet users more directly. Starting in April 2018, any website that publishes pornographic content will require that users prove their age by some form of identification. For example, a passport, driving licence or credit card details.

This seems a sensible precaution – after all, businesses check for ID when people visit bars, go to the cinema or buy tools. However, supplying a permanent copy of your identification digitally, over the Internet, is different and comes with its own set of problems. The most prominent being identity theft. Also, imagine if the website suffers from a data breach.

If your website is deemed by the Act to require an age gate, your business must implement the new robust check (simply asking for a visitor’s age without evidence will not suffice.)

It is obvious that children need to be protected from some online content; no-one could disagree with that. However, placing that responsibility on ordinary businesses seems crazy. Many of whom will not be well versed in digital security.

Should the responsibility for policing Internet access stand where it always has? Ensuring that parents and guardians are involved, to parent and guard their dependents? Or should personal use of the web be policed by businesses and governments, all of whom have their own agendas?

The debate will no doubt continue over the coming months and years. Watch this space!

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26th July '17

awards event

Source At The Shropshire Business Awards 2017

Suited and booted in our finest clothes, several members of the Source team recently headed over to the Telford International Centre to attend this year’s Shropshire Business Awards.

The awards ceremony is a firm favourite of ours and, as usual, a great night was had by all. We enjoyed a fun-filled evening to honour the numerous successful Shropshire-based businesses.

Many great local companies were nominated for a variety of categories and awards, including a few of our very own clients, namely Purition (nominated for ‘Best New Business’ and ‘Online Business of the Year’), Kadai (‘Online Business of the Year’), Qi Van Systems (‘Technology Enterprise & Innovation’ and ‘Manufacturing Transport & Logistics’) and Pave Aways Ltd (‘Business in the Community’).

A Fun Filled Evening For Everyone Involved

After the first half of winners were announced, we were treated to a delicious meal, followed by the second half of awards. After which we were treated to a talk about business by Steve Smith, the south Shropshire businessman who founded Poundland.

Once the ceremony and awards were finished, the night’s fun was just beginning. Tensions were high and the competition was fierce as several inter-company table football matches took place. We then tried our luck at the after-dinner casino. Whilst James did win a small fortune, his joy was short-lived after discovering he’d been awarded Monopoly money.

Finally, it was time to get our groove on as we took to the dance floor. Unfortunately, none of us are blessed with skills such as the likes of Michael Jackson or Darcey Bussell and so there were quite a few questionable dance moves. The less said about those the better!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in planning the event. As well as our congratulations to all the evening’s worthy winners. Well done!

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10th May '17

mobile opinion website

The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile optimisation sounds simple on paper. It is making your website, application, or digital advertising work properly on a smaller screen (like a smartphone) by altering its layout. Mobile optimisation is becoming a very important aspect of design and digital marketing. Here we have outlined a few points you need to consider. Responsive Design Is The Future Of Design When designing...

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28th February '17


UX: User Experience

How many times have you visited a website but you’ve been infuriated by how it works? Hard-to-find buttons, menus that don’t work properly, and information obscured by popups are all common complaints. It can be a very frustrating user experience. the importance of user experience online There are now more ways to browse the Internet than ever before. You can...

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Out with the Old

We hope 2017 is being kind to you so far. In (great) anticipation of next month’s start to Daylight Saving Time, Source is having a spring clean. Putting A Spring In Our Step Since moving to our current offices in 2014, we’ve seen an influx of new clients and exciting projects. Many of these include packaging and photography, and with...

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7th February '17

opinion source virtual reality

Virtually Reality

2016 was the year virtual reality became, well, a reality. You might have seen people wearing these oversized headsets, a futuristic gateway to a digital world that leaves you looking like a muppet to onlookers. For the uninitiated, virtual reality headsets allow you to see a virtual world all around you, such as a completely immersive video game, or a...

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31st January '17

charity source

Charity competition a winner at Source

A leading Shropshire design agency came up with a novel idea to celebrate 25 years in business with an interactive online competition, not only raising money for a county charity but also raising awareness of their clients’ products and services. An off the wall donation from Sally Tringham (left) of Source, to Sarah Johnson, of Hope House Source of Shrewsbury...

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