Killing Kittens

Brand Identity

A platform where women come first.

Killing Kittens – founded in 2005 by Emma Sayle – champions sexually empowered and independent women and couples. Creating the world’s most exclusive events with women at the forefront, Killing Kittens has evolved into an online community of over 100,000 women, gentlemen and couples – chatting and socialising worldwide.

Source responded to an international competition with an invite to design and create a new bespoke monogram for use across social, the website, advertising and printed material.

The new ‘KK’ monogram is elegant and sophisticated with a smooth descender on the second ‘K’ representing a female leg whilst also being strong and having presence to highlight the empowerment of women first and foremost.

A major attraction of the brief was a donation to a local charity. So happy clients all round!

“We believe in challenging the status quo. We’re changing the way that people think about sex and dating. We invite you to discover a world where women come first; where sexy is not a shape, it’s a mindset.”

Emma Sayle, Founder x