Shropshire Petals

We have been working with Shropshire Petals since 2006; it’s a relationship that’s been in ‘full bloom’ for a long time!

The brief

We have developed a fun, iconic brand and e-commerce website selling products nationally.

We delivered

The brand was rolled out across an entire spectrum of marketing material & POS and a beautiful, feature-packed, interactive, e-commerce website created, to showcase and sell the range of natural petal confetti. This includes bespoke development of interactive ‘petal mix’ and ‘petal calculator’ tools.

Shropshire Petals lifestyle
Shropshire Petals website

The results

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Shropshire Petals photography
Shropshire Petals bag
Shropshire Petals handful of petals
Shropshire Petals packaging
Shropshire Petals bespoke petal picker website


increase in conversions

Shropshire Petals business cards
Shropshire Petals photography

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