The Lowdown

Sending an Effective Mailshot

Emails that are designed to look good, otherwise known as mailshots, can be tricky to say the least.

Sure, there are lots of marketing decisions to be made. What will this mailshot be publicising? Should I include lots of information, or just a little to entice readers to click through and read more on a website? A mysterious subject line, or a description that spells it all out?

Then, there is the design to consider. There are some different schools of thought when it comes to designing mailshots; some designers recommend a simple, no-frills layout that is little more than a specialised text email. Others will go all out with layouts designed to mirror their website counterparts.

Lastly, there is the case of sending the mailshot out. Building a database of contacts can be a time-consuming process, not least because it relies on contacts volunteering to receive information. Vying for a customer’s attention among all the other emails and spam they receive leaves very little margin for error.

Avoiding spam filters

Spam filters are also becoming more intelligent, and a dizzying number of factors come into play which decide if your mailshot will ever reach your intended recipient. These include, but are not limited to:

Use of certain phrases and words - this is a bit of a black art, but there are some common phrases such as ‘As seen on’, ‘Order status’ , ‘Save money’, ‘Subject to credit’ and so on that might mark an email as spam.

Capital letters - Typing in capital letters is bad, and often results in messages being blocked by spam filters.

The text content of your message - In general, fewer words versus more images means the email is more likely to be flagged as spam.

Maximising mailshot potential

One more consideration to sending your mailshot is when. Accepted wisdom is that there are times of the day and week when a mailshot will perform well, and times when they will bomb. For example, Monday morning is a time many use to tidy their inbox for the week, erasing any emails that came in over the weekend - sending emails then means there’s a high likelihood of them being deleted without being read, even if the recipient would otherwise usually be interested in the subject…

Mailshot Expectations

Sending mailshots out is tricky business indeed. Even if you negotiate what is a minefield of spam triggers and phrases, read receipt rates for mailshots can be surprising. In general, regardless of sector, mailshots are expected to be opened by around 20-40% of recipients.

While this may seem disparaging on first glance, mailshots have an edge that other marketing techniques - online or otherwise - can lack. For example, 20% of 100 contacts means on 20 people opened the email… but 20% of 10,000 contacts would mean 2000 people opened it - the same success rate, but on a larger scale. And while we wouldn’t recommend a ‘scattergun’ approach to getting your message out, there’s no downside to making sure your database is as healthy is possible.

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Positive Moves for Design Agency

Design agency Source is celebrating success following a hat trick of new business wins and the launch of its new company website.

The Shrewsbury-based firm believes these latest developments are an indication of how the agency is expanding its services to meet the demands of clients who require a range of marketing services under one roof.   With a positive start to the year, Source is firmly set to grow.

Source managing director, Sally Tringham said: “Business is brisk and our recent success is hugely encouraging. Having secured three really exciting new clients, and with the unveiling of our new company website we certainly have something to shout about.

“What we are noticing is that more and more clients are looking for inspirational ideas and creative input to help drive their marketing efforts. The launch of our new website is testament to the work we do and we believe this will give us an even better platform for future growth.”

The new deals secured by Source include a contract with local gun makers Boxall & Edminston where the design firm was responsible for the development of a new website, complete with a fully interactive bespoke gun builder that showcases the unique properties of every Boxall & Edmiston product.  A further contract was secured in partnership with Staffordshire-based commercial estate agents, Millar Sandy and a third gain with Shropshire-based, Country Garden Roses Roses completes the agency’s run of new business.

Sally added: “Each brief presented a completely different set of challenges to stretch our creative capabilities and expertise.  Building on our knowledge and technical resource we were well placed to deliver across the board and meet the individual business objectives across three diverse market sectors. “

Source launches it new website for 2015. Pictured from left to right:  Paula Savage (Creative Director), Sally Tringham (Managing Director) and Steph Campbell (Designer).

Source unveils stunning new website for 2015

To mark the start of the new year, Source have produced a beautiful new website to display their range of fantastic imagery. The site features a portfolio of work produced for clients, great photography of the team and offices, and a new and improved blog.

Agency opens doors of new £250,000 home

A design company in Shropshire has cut the ribbon on its new home after a major investment. Creative design and marketing agency Source has spent around £250,000 buying and converting a run-down building near Frankwell transforming it into a new home that will allow the business to expand.

MD Sally Tringham with local MP Daniel Kawczynski

Before the renovation

Hopkins Longworth get the Full Solution

Executive Search and Senior Recruitment specialists Hopkins Longworth chose Source to deliver their full solution; brand, stationery, internal documents and website.

Working with your friendly neighbourhood designer...

Whilst we at source aim to take all of the legwork out of developing your website or marketing materials, we will often require information from you to make it all happen. Some images, some text, maybe a video or a database of contacts or other...

Brochures and catalogues, fabulous and fast!

The latest biannual catalogue produced for Golunski Leather goods (a 62 page product guide for stock purchasing) was turned around by Source in less than a week. It’s never too late to get your catalogue produced professionally!

Make backups easy with Mirrornet

Mirrornet's website is fully content-manageable, meaning the text, imagery and pages of the website can all be edited simply and quickly by the client, from any computer, in just a few clicks.

ICANN verification - don't get caught out!

A new policy from ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) could potentially put your website under threat...

A fresh fishy tale from Shrewsbury!

A leading county fishmonger who this year celebrates 100 years in business has embraced the latest computer technology to modernise its operation.
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