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24th July '18

Google Secure seo website

Google Update Focuses On Websites That Are ‘Not Secure’

The latest updates to Google Chrome will soon show websites using HTTP as ‘Not Secure’. The new version of the web browser, Chrome 68, will be rolled out by the end of July.

Chrome 68 will contain a fundamental change to the way that people see the Web – any website not using HTTPS will show “Not Secure” in front of the URL, where you would typically expect to see a green padlock and “Secure” for a website that does use HTTPS.

This will become even more apparent in September when Chrome 69 removes the green “Secure” text altogether and will just highlight when a website is not using HTTPS.

Why Having A Secure Website Is Important

There are many reasons that using HTTPS on your website is A Good Idea™.

The main reason, and perhaps the most obvious is that it greatly increases the security of your website for your users. It prevents outside parties from interfering with the content of your website (something that happens disturbingly often!) and also shows your users that you care about their data. Even if you’re not collecting any sort of data or taking online payments, having HTTPS instils confidence in your users which is, of course, very important!

By enabling HTTPS you also indicate to search engines, Google in particular, that your website is secure. This is becoming increasingly important for SEO and will improve your rankings.

The past 12 months have seen big pushes to increase the prevalence of HTTPS on websites, with the idea that eventually all websites will use HTTPS – so why not stay ahead of the pack and update sooner rather than later?

If you need to update to HTTPS and secure your website, speak to our web developers today who will be happy to help.

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10th May '17

mobile opinion website

The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile optimisation sounds simple on paper. It is making your website, application, or digital advertising work properly on a smaller screen (like a smartphone) by altering its layout. Mobile optimisation is becoming a very important aspect of design and digital marketing. Here we have outlined a few points you need to consider.

Responsive Design Is The Future Of Design

When designing for mobile, there are a few basics to cover. Firstly, buttons need to become larger and easier to touch, whilst other non-vital elements such as decorative images should be made smaller or even hidden if they aren’t needed. Think about the way you use your phone and how frustrating a poorly designed website can be. I bet you can think of a handful of examples. This is something that needs to stop.

With the huge range of smartphones, tablets and laptop computers available, the implementation of this concept can be daunting. Your website needs to work perfectly for as many screen shapes and sizes as possible and in landscape and portrait as well. Simply shrinking your site to fit won’t work. Intelligent design decisions must be made to ensure a solid experience for users on any device.

Apps are no different. What works for your desktop computer, with a keyboard and mouse, will need to change for your phone. Advertisements must adapt as well. It is vital that you make effective use of the smaller size available.

why (and how) to make sure your website is responsive

– There is an increasing trend of visitors browsing the web on a mobile device. Many companies report seeing upwards of 50% of their traffic coming from mobile, so now is the time to change.

– Modern websites are often designed for mobile first. The layout is planned for use on a small screen before being scaled up for larger displays. This will help to avoid images and text ever becoming too crowded and will ensure you have the best site possible for all devices.

– Mobile devices often rely on touch for browsing. This means that buttons and links should always be large enough to tap with a finger. They should be easy to reach and simple to find with logical functionality.

– Websites loading on mobile will often use a slower Internet connection. To improve loading times for users, measures should be taken to optimise the size of your images. You should also look at the number of resources a website relies on to function. Lots of files and images result in a longer wait for users. A users patience can run out quickly.

– Although mobile browsing is relatively young (when compared to traditional desktop websites) a strong design ethos has already arisen around what constitutes a mobile-friendly website. Elements such as the so-called ‘burger’ menu act as useful shorthand for communicating meaning to users. Utilising these mobile design paradigms will improve the user experience, which is great for your audience.

Need Help With Responsive Website Design?

If you are looking to redesign your website so that it is mobile friendly our designers in Shrewsbury will be happy to help.

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Bang! On….. with a shooting industry award for best website 2016

Source are delighted to announce that Boxall & Edmiston gunmakers have been recognised by the UK’s shooting industry and awarded the ‘best website 2016’. The prestigious Shooting Industry Awards are held annually by Time inc. and took place this year at the Mercure Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa, Warwickshire where the Boxall & Edmiston website scooped the prize based on...

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10th March '16


Arabic Translation for Deraya Insurance Website

Our client Deraya, an insurance provider based in Egypt, returned to Source after the design and programming of their WordPress website for full Arabic translation. The translation of any complete website is always a comprehensive process, to say the least. Every line of text required a counterpart for each foreign language - and not only the text content of a...

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11th December '15

brand marketing packaging website

Dragons, Harrods and Hamleys at Source…

Shrewsbury-based agency Source, which specialises in creative and digital marketing, has completed the first phase of a major packaging and online overhaul for a mid-Wales company that will see its products displayed in Harrods and Hamleys stores in London next year. Timberkits, based at Llanbrynmair in Powys, recently secured funding for expansion after appearing on television’s Dragons' Den programme, where...

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Tools of the Trade

Techy post ahoy! If you’re interested in how the technical team take a web design and turn it into a living, breathing website, read on. For a long time, building website was reserve of a cerebral minority. Until the last few years, front-end development (the art of building what a visitor sees when they visit a website, out of nothing...

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5th March '15

seo tech support website

Getting to Page 1 of Google

If you have a website, you’ve asked yourself this question before: “How can I get my website to the top of Google?" Or at least the first page of Google? Maybe you even typed that question into Google and came to this page! This little article will be an investigation into how search engines - like Google - rank websites...

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23rd January '15

source website

Positive Moves for Design Agency

Design agency Source is celebrating success following a hat trick of new business wins and the launch of its new company website. The Shrewsbury-based firm believes these latest developments are an indication of how the agency is expanding its services to meet the demands of clients who require a range of marketing services under one roof.   With a positive start...

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16th January '15

source website

Source unveils stunning new website for 2015

To mark the start of the new year, Source have produced a beautiful new website to display their range of fantastic imagery. The site features a portfolio of work produced for clients, great photography of the team and offices, and a new and improved blog. The design of the new website is minimal, giving full prominence to the stunning imagery...

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