With five generations of olive growing in southern Spain, Lola brought her family’s delicately crafted olive oil to rural Hampshire. In 2004, she married Ben, and Two&One was born.

The brief

To highlight the premium nature of their olive oil, Two&One wanted a range of packaging and a website that told a story. They wanted to convey the product’s Spanish heritage, whilst highlighting how Lola and Ben come together, uniting their own histories into one decadent olive oil that’s full of flavour.

The results

Family is key to Two&One so, in order to showcase Lola and Ben’s union throughout the brand, we created the overlapping olive logo and assisted with the name creation. Taking two heritages – Lola from Spain and Ben from Britain – the name Two&One depicts the fusion of two cultures into one product.

Taking inspiration from the distinctive olive green, we developed a range of outer packaging for their 250ml bottles. Using complementary khaki, gold and mauve colours on the labels, we distinguish between the three different olive harvests collected in October, November and December; Verde, Envero and Negra respectively. Smaller 20ml bottles of the three harvests are also available and, for these, the colour palette focuses more on the olives’ natural green.

Two&One wanted to make it simple for everyone to enjoy their olive oil. To make the product widely available across the UK, we designed a sleek ecommerce website, enabling customers to buy online. As well as the shop, the website also features delicious recipes, information on the health benefits of eating olive oil and a bespoke timeline detailing Two&One’s journey from humble Spanish beginnings through to their current breakthrough into the UK market.

“Paula and James have been amazing during the whole brand development process. When we approached them, Two&One olive oil was only a dream, and yet, they saw our passion and together with their expertise we now have a fantastic premium brand supported by fabulous product design. Wherever we go, we receive excellent feedback on the designs. Paula’s team have been supportive, creative, engaging, patient, and overall, great professionals with very high standards. Source has definitely been the best choice for us.

Ben and Lola, Directors at Two&One

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