How To Stand Out On Shelf


Imagine sitting waiting at home and the doorbell goes. You jump up to find your new Mac has arrived. But, what’s more exciting; the contents of the box or the box itself? For many, the craft that goes into Apple packaging is an art form and elevates the customer experience to another level. That’s why, along with brands such as Coca-Cola, it has become both iconic and memorable.

Making your product stand out on shelf is half the battle in winning over the consumer. It’s a crowded, competitive market and if your packaging is striking, highlights your brand values and displays both clarity and simplicity of message, you’re on the right lines.

Here are some key points to consider when designing packaging, together with how they should tie in to your brand values for maximum effect and results.

  1. Attractiveness and uniqueness – packaging must engage customers visually and draw their attention to the shelf. This doesn’t mean it needs to be the most colourful or loudest – it may stand out because of its understated elegance, for example. It must then hold their attention and stand out from the rest. This could be through unique shapes, print effects – such as embossing or foiling – or the substrate used. It could evoke emotion within the consumer, such as nostalgia or joy, and this is the most memorable and effective at targeting long term memory.
  2. Practicality – this relates to the shape, size and functionality of the packaging. It needs to suit the product and the purpose of it – the more practical the packaging, the higher chance of success. It should also be convenient for everyone in the supply chain from the factory through to the consumer.
  3. Simplicity and clarity – consumers are more informed than ever, so it is imperative to display what your product is and what the key benefits or reasons to buy it are. Labels should offer clear, concise information about the product – such as health benefits, brand values and sustainability claims – to inform and empower the consumer.
  4. Brand values – packaging must convey your brand and company values clearly and consistently. From tone of voice, to colours, to the logo; it is critical to building awareness and credibility for your brand. Consumers value honesty and trustworthiness so, by being consistent in your message and visual appearance, it builds trust in the brand.
  5. Green – consumers are increasingly environmentally-conscious and, more and more, this influences their purchasing decisions. Utilising sustainable packaging or highlighting your efforts towards sustainability will appeal to these consumers and increase brand appeal.

In summary, packaging design is a crucial part of a brand and should never be an afterthought. It might be the first time a consumer ever sees your brand or product, therefore needs to convey your values, what the product is and and why it’s different. The most considered and well-designed packaging will definitely give your brand the competitive edge.

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