Visual sign-off

  • Before programming of the visualised website commences, we require signed approval that the design of the website will not change further. This includes the page layout, structural elements on the page, colour scheme and typefaces.

    Changes to any aspect of the website design during the programming phase (such as elements being moved, resized, recoloured, added or removed) may incur additional costs at an hourly rate of £80/hour. If you are not certain of what constitutes a design change, please contact us.

    Please note: content changes, such as image choices and copy can be altered during the programming phase (where agreed in the quote.)

  • The visuals you have received come with reference numbers; please supply those references here.
  • I agree that the visuals included represent the website as it will appear in its final programmed form, and that all graphical and layout choices have been finalised.

    Note: Final image choice and copy can still be updated during the build process.

  • Please tell us who this form is being completed on behalf of (even if it is yourself.)