The Lowdown

18th June '12

charity source

MacMillan Fundraising Success!

If you’re friends with us on Facebook, or received our recent email detailing the event, you’ll know that Friday 15th June was the 2012 MacMillan Cancer Coracle Relay World Championship in Shrewsbury, Shropshire!

Despite a lacklustre attempt by the weather, the crowds were there in their hundreds to give support to those risking the currents of the River Severn (amongst which Source were to be counted!)

Each heat of the competition was – well, heated, with many competitors pushing to the brink of physical effort (and often beyond…) Well, sort of – that’s just this reporters’ way of alluding to the countless capsized coracles we saw throughout the day.

Unique commentary from Richard Bayliss and a colourful array of fancy dress costumes made the day one to remember. Thousands of pounds have been raised for cancer research by the event, of which Source are ecstatic to have contributed just over £500! Remember, it’s not too late to donate to this worthiest of causes.

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2nd April '12

competition easter source

[UPDATED] Easter Egg competition winner announced!

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Paul Miller from Church Stretton, who correctly decoded our three anagrams as Happy Easter, Easter Bunny and Resurrection.

A luxury Hotel Chocolat easter egg is on it’s way to you!

To keep your brain going over the holidays, we came up with three anagrams to keep your grey matter in shape.

Nothing too taxing, the words were all based on the Easter theme. Contestants were asked to submit their answers by midnight on Thursday 12th April 2012, and the first correct answer drawn from our Easter bonnet won a scrummy Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg! Eggs-citing

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13th March '12

charity source

Macmillan Coracle Relays 2012

The annual Macmillan Coracle Relay World Championship is nearly here! On Friday 15th June, after a year's hiatus, Source will once again take to the waves... and we are raring to go! As the astute of you will have already guessed, it's all in aid of cancer research. Last time we raised £800 - this time around we're aiming to...

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6th February '12


One device to rule them all

It's been a buzzword for years now - convergence. But what does it mean? And is it a good thing? We think so. For decades, both in the workplace and at home, consumers have required machines to perform more than one function to earn its place. The humble washing machine - try finding one that isn't also a tumble drier....

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31st October '11

charity source team


Our web department - Gareth and Kit - are taking part in Movember for the first time this year to help raise money for men's health charities - prostate and testicular cancer charities in particular. Movember? Huh? For the uninitiated, we have to grow a moustache over the 30 days of Movember - goatees and beards aren't allowed, it's all...

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27th October '11

opinion source

Kate’s Thoughts on ‘Customer Service’!

Having spent the formative years of my career - in fact, cut that... having only ever worked for businesses that lived and breathed by the belief that the customer is at the heart of everything you do... it always gets my goat when you run into a poor customer experience! Thankfully, it doesn't happen often. But when it does happen;...

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28th June '11

source team

iPadded Rooms

It's true; we've all gone a bit mad for Apple's latest and greatest technological triumph, the iPad 2. Gareth, Nick, Kirsty and Kit all have one, and Sally's umming and ahhing too... And why wouldn't you; the iPad is a very desirable device. For decades, this is where computing has been heading - thinner screens, more powerful processors, and of...

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16th June '11

source website

Source rolls out website redesign

A recent redesign of our own Source website sets the bar for usability, presentation and design. Good design starts with good usability The new Source site has been built with the evolving web in mind - very recently, the way people access and browse the internet has changed with the emerging smartphone and tablet computer market. We felt it was...

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3rd May '11

source team

Source is growing!

Joining Source to reinvigorate our marketing department and bolster an already highly experienced team, Kate Davies comes from a strong background in marketing and management. Kate's experience includes many recognisable household names such as Virgin Media, Virgin Mobile, House of Fraser and Adidas - amongst others. Most recently Kate has been utilising her passion for golf and marketing, working closely...

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20th April '11

new office source

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Celebrating twenty years in business Shrewsbury design agency Source have moved from their town centre offices in College Hill to a newly renovated studio in Frankwell. The new office, situated near to Theatre Severn, affords the luxury of on-site parking as well as views of the great outdoors which provide endless inspiration for the creative brains at Source to work...

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