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In commissioning a website, ergo you’ll be seeking a web development agency with monster monitoring, mapping, marketing and analytics capability. Website analytics inform your forward data-led marketing. Our experienced digital team is dedicated to technical excellence in website data mining that goes above and beyond a basic Google Analytics function. As a client-centric agency totally focused on building great relationships with those who commission us, we make sure you are always kept informed throughout each and every analytics project. We ensure our reporting is digestible, meaningful and indispensable to your forward planning decision-making.

Timberkits Heatmap before
Timberkits Heatmap after

If you torture the data long enough, it will confess

Ronald Coase, Economist

Websites with blog content have


more search engine-indexed webpages

If we gave you an Excel spreadsheet filled with charts and numbers tracking every single bit of traffic to your site, where it came from and where it landed, then where it went next, then onto… Yup, every single click and tap from every single visitor across every single page. Frankly, we’d fear for your sanity. Our alternative is to give you a colour-coded visual representation of all that stuff. It’s called website heatmapping and offers an exceptional level of detail in a format that quickly helps you track your users’ journey and where necessary, make impactful adjustments that meet your website marketing goals.