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When coming to us for a bespoke website, making that site live is only the first step in your online journey. Your web presence will benefit from regular content updates, keeping your business information fresh and your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) up to snuff.

To this end, we offer training for the use of WordPress – the platform we build your website on. You and/or your employees can learn to log in to WordPress, manage your website’s pages and their content (such as images, videos and documents), to update news with fresh posts and even schedule future publications. Your website’s navigation menus, contact forms and URLs can all be edited with just a few clicks.


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With this power in your hands, SEO becomes much simpler. Tweaking a page’s title tag to include more keywords, updating its meta description, and adding image ALT text can all be sorted in a matter of minutes, helping to improve your website’s search ranking and, ultimately, driving increased engagement.

That’s where Google Analytics comes in – it can provide valuable insight into the effects that changes to your website have had on visitor numbers and conversions (how many visitors go on to complete your conversion goals i.e. completing a contact form, purchasing products etc.)

We can train you to understand the Google Analytics platform where you can view at-a-glance and in-depth data recorded for your website’s visitors. Find out which of your pages are performing the best and which require attention, compare this year’s visitor numbers to the last, and discover the sources of that traffic – be they through search engines, social or direct links.

Put your digital future in own hands with sessions requiring as little as an hour of your time. Contact Source today to find out more about what our training involves.