& Analytics

Here at Source, we have a team of marketing specialists who dedicate time to analysing your website’s performance, ensuring it’s attracting visitors, appearing within the search engines and generating those all-important conversions.

Website Analytics

Whilst there are many tools and systems available to monitor your website’s performance, the most popular, by far, is Google Analytics. With data coming directly from the search engine giant itself, it’s undoubtedly the best resource to detail how you’re getting on in Google.

Providing a plethora of information, Google Analytics covers areas such as your website visits, bounce rate, top-performing pages and much, much more. The platform tracks and reports information that provides an insight into your website’s performance and, using this, our in-house analytics experts can decipher whether any changes should be made, such as tweaks to content, page redirects etc.

Continually monitoring performance even after changes are made, we will ascertain how effective they were and continue to tweak accordingly. Basically, we analyse and analyse and analyse…our analytical pros just can’t get enough data!

And, whilst Google Analytics will automatically provide you with information on your website’s organic traffic, it can also be linked to a Google Ads account, providing further insight if you are running any paid marketing campaigns.


Which areas of your website are working best to promote your message? In a nutshell, what’s hot and what’s not?

Our heatmap service provides additional data on user experience and attitude towards certain areas of your website. Whereas analytics data will tell you who visited and where they went, a heatmap will answer another all-important question…“Why?”.

For instance, if you’re not seeing as many enquiries as you’d expect, we can solve the mystery. Perhaps your conversion button is being masked by a distracting banner ad?

Once our heatmap software has been applied, we collect a good chunk of data and apply a keen eye to ascertain what’s going on behind the scenes. Keeping you informed as we go along, we report our findings, show you all outcomes and make suggestions on how things could be improved. At Source, we’re always working to heat up your performance.

Want to make sure your website is the best it can possibly be? Give us a call and we’ll help skyrocket your performance.