Generally speaking, visual aids are considered more appealing than a big chunk of text. And, sometimes, you just need that little something different to convey a message. Something different from the norm that will, in turn, set you apart from the competition. And a piece of animation could be just the ticket.

Whether it’s for your website, digital adverts or social media platforms, Source are able to provide bespoke animation. Using a combination of our creative design skills and our expert technological know-how, we offer animation services that can be used across your various marketing channels.

Tell the story of your brand with animation

Animation is a great way to market your brand for numerous reasons. It can tell a story within a matter of seconds and grab the attention of your audience.  There’s a good chance lots of people will watch it. Plus with the added benefit of social media, your content can be easily shared… seriously, it’s well worth it!

Bringing brands to life, our team immerse themselves in your business’ ethos, making sure we fully comprehend what you’re looking to achieve. Once established, we go away and spend time researching, ascertaining which techniques work, before brainstorming ideas and, of course, checking them by you to make sure the final animation is exactly what you were looking for.

State-of-the-art technology means the possibilities are endless and the beauty of animation means the only limit is your imagination. Whatever you have in mind, however weird and wonderful, put our animators to the test. We love a good challenge and your passion ignites our creativity, inspiring us to deliver something that’s guaranteed to meet your brief and delight your target audience.

Bring your ideas to life with our animation services. Give us a call to find out more.