B.fresh have the simple ambition of ‘getting more fruit and veg into more people’.

The challenge

Source have been working with the Shropshire based cold pressed juice producer since their launch in 2014. B.fresh take an innovative, creative, agile approach, always looking to introduce original, healthy products into the market.

Our role

Source and B.fresh have been working in partnership throughout the development of the business, Source have played a key role in the creation of branding, packaging, photography and advertising, ensuring the vibrant tone of voice and energising brand personality always comes to the fore.

A key area of our support is on NPD, which has included a variety of juice and food product launches, for example smoothies, protein shakes, breakfast bicher and on-the-go shots.

B.fresh Power Beets Hero
Bfresh bottle hero

Future ambitions

B.fresh continues to innovate with new ingredients, flavours, packaging and product ranges. The eCommerce platform will prove a key repository, utilising their loyal subscription base.

Source are looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with B.fresh, bringing our expertise to the brand, watching their continued growth, and make people healthier.


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B.fresh poster kiosk
B.fresh t-shirt
B.fresh Berry Boss
B.fresh Bircher


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B.fresh Bursting With Vitamins
B.fresh - Watered Up

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