Following on from previous successes, and upon securing a licensing agreement with Aardman, Timberkits commissioned Source with the packaging design for their new 'Shaun the Sheep’ range of kits aimed at the younger market.

The challenge for Source was to produce packaging that respected the incredibly strong and internationally-recognised Aardman brand whilst retaining a synergy with the growing identity of the Timberkits brand.

Whilst preserving the distinctive Timberkits logo to each side of the box and utilising the now familiar 'Key Information’ icons and details to the reverse, we introduced some quirky twists on the usual features. The front of box product window became a sheepishly ‘wooly' cloud shape and the usual ‘Skill Level’ indicator was transformed to the all new ‘Flock Levels’.

Although undeniably different at first glance, when viewed side-by-side or handled separately by the customer, both products are unmistakably a Timberkits creation.

"Really impressive. Hats off to the designer who has expertly applied our style guide to the Timberkits range!"

Adam Vincent-Garland - Senior New Product Development Executive - Aardman Animations Ltd