Harper Adams Students’ Union

Recently named University of the Year for the second year running, Shropshire-based Harper Adams (located in Newport) is renowned for being dedicated to battling the planet’s future development and finding ways to manage the ever-growing demand on vital resources.

In order to reflect the university’s goal of “Tackling Tomorrow's Challenges Today” Source branding agency were commissioned by the Students’ Union to carry out a full rebrand of HASU including logo, typeface, colour palette and the sub-brands for their various divisions.

From the very beginning, our aim was to develop a modern theme that would resonate with the students of today, whilst respecting the well-established Harper Adams identity. With a tight timescale, the project needed to be completed in a timely manner, whilst also working alongside the university’s own rebrand. As well as the logo, colour palette, typeface and sub-brands, Source also developed designs for social posts, posters, stationery, uniforms, signage, wristbands and other branded material. Phase II sees a rework of the HASU website and exhibition material.

"When we made the decision to create a full brand for Harper Adams Students’ Union, we knew that finding the right “creative” company to work with was going to be our biggest challenge. When we met with Sally and Paula, they instantly understood us, where we were going and what we wanted to achieve.

"With our new brand we had to be sympathetic to our existing, Coat of Arms and colour scheme which depict our heritage. What Source has created we are so happy with. It was also great to have a company who were so accommodating when we needed meetings, and also was ideal that they were so close to us as well."

Gemma Tibbles,
Harper Adams Students’ Union