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Life at Source, March 2019


Oftentimes we like to update you when we finish a project we’re proud of, or when a new employee starts with us. But that’s not the full picture - weeks,…

Kit celebrates 10 years at Source


When Kit joined Source back in 2007 as a part-time Flash Developer, he would never have guessed that it would lead to a career as a web developer. He was…

Hidden Treasure


Just recently, our web developer Kit has acquired a new hobby: numismatics (or for you non-Latin speakers, coin collecting.) The collecting and study of coins is not a new discipline…



Our web department - Gareth and Kit - are taking part in Movember for the first time this year to help raise money for men's health charities - prostate and…

Gaz ‘Does’ America


I believe it was Douglas Adams who wrote "The thing about space is that it's big... really big." Well, it's not quite on the same magnitude, but as a "filthy…

iPadded Rooms


It's true; we've all gone a bit mad for Apple's latest and greatest technological triumph, the iPad 2. Gareth, Nick, Kirsty and Kit all have one, and Sally's umming and…

Source is growing!


Joining Source to reinvigorate our marketing department and bolster an already highly experienced team, Kate Davies comes from a strong background in marketing and management. Kate's experience includes many recognisable…

I’m going to be a dad!


Do I know what I'm letting myself in for? To be honest, no. I have never done this before (not that I know of) but I am looking forward to…