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Hidden Treasure

Just recently, our web developer Kit has acquired a new hobby: numismatics (or for you non-Latin speakers, coin collecting.)

The collecting and study of coins is not a new discipline - for hundreds of years, historians, investors and hobbyists have been engaged in the pursuit of these hidden treasures. Not least because the right coin, from the right year, to the right buyer, can fetch hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Kit stumbled across this pursuit on a lazy Saturday in a small antique shop in Shrewsbury. The idea is simple - for certain years, particular coins (Kit is focusing on half crowns) can be very valuable, especially in good condition. Kit has made it his first goal to acquire a half crown for each year in the 1900s, until 1970 (around when decimalization replaced metric coinage.) This is no small feat - some of these coins are extremely scarce, and span the reigns of Edward VII, George V, VI and Elizabeth II.

Despite a bit of a learning curve (which years are valuable? How do you judge the quality of a coin?) he's off to a good start, and has acquired coins for many years in the 50s and 60s, and a couple of earlier key dates. Obviously, the further back you go, generally coins become rarer and more valuable. For example, a half crown in good condition from 1905 can currently fetch several thousand pounds!

It isn't just the monetary value that Kit's interested in though. He also cites an interest in the beauty of the old designs on these coins. "You don't see designs like you used to," he says. "Plus, the old coins feel more 'solid' somehow. More worthy… There's just something attractive about collecting them. And they represent a timeline of changing times, technology and design, too."

"I've learned a bit about the history of currency too. For example, that the 'd' denoting an old penny actually comes from the Roman 'denarius', a small silver coin first used over 1800 years ago…"

If you're interested in learning more about coin collecting, you can check out the Wikipedia page on numismatics here. You could also do worse than to pick up a copy of the Spink guide to coins of England, which contains guide values for almost any coin you can think of.


Our web department - Gareth and Kit - are taking part in Movember for the first time this year to help raise money for men's health charities - prostate and testicular cancer charities in particular.

Movember? Huh?

For the uninitiated, we have to grow a moustache over the 30 days of Movember - goatees and beards aren't allowed, it's all about cultivating a 'tache that can rival Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck combined.

We'll be keeping this page up to date with our progress as often as we can, with timelapse photos of our Mos that might just be as scary as our Hallowe'en zombie pictures!

How to donate

Well, firstly, thanks for your support! All you need to do to donate is visit either Gareth or Kit's MoSpace page and make a donation from there. All donations are appreciated!

Day 30: A month of moustache cultivation later,  and here we are! As we type, £80 has been raised for men's health and awareness. Give our mo' growers a big hand!

Day 29: Nearly there... nearly there...

Day 28: Our fully-fledged 'staches have done all the growing they're going to do at this point. Gaz and Kit both feel like muppets, and the itching is more distracting than the office kitten...

Day 25: Gaz has decided to go with a number zero - or as I call it, 'The Gentleman Potato'.

Day 24: Yet more donations to the team - we're at £80 raised so far! Come on triple figures!

Day 23: Approaching the final stretch... and we've had a few more donations recently, woohoo!

Day 22: Kit has the lurgey, so no beautiful moustache picture update today folks.

Day 21: Back in the office for Monday. Not much change despite the weekend, it would seem. Perhaps we're all mo'ed out?

Day 20: Sunday - give us a chance to get some quality growing time in...

Day 19: Saturday - no pics today folks.

Day 18: Kit is starting to feel that he's getting a bit out-paced.

Day 17: The power of the moustache grows daily... we just keep telling ourselves it's all for a good cause!

Day 16: Past half way - now we sort the men from the boys... the strange moustache-growing man-boys...

Day 15: Mo' staches, mo' problems.

Day 14: We have reached the mid-month mark, and there is a clear leader!

Day 13: Sunday; a day of passive growing.

Day 12: Weekend, yo. Mo growing continues unabated.

Day 11: It's getting difficult to deal with all the attention from 'the ladies'.

Day 10: And stronger... but it's all for a good cause!

Day 9: The urge to get rid of these wretched things is getting stronger...

Day 8: Styling has begun... nothing much to look at right now, but by the end of the month we'll be sporting exquisite creations, no doubt.

Day 7: Back to work today, and it's probably about time we started to 'sculpt' the moustaches a bit!

Day 6: A day of rest, of course. No pic today, because it would crack your monitor.

Day 5: Saturday, and Kit happens to be helping Gaz to move house this weekend! Which explains why we look so horribly shattered in the picture.

Day 4: Gaz and Kit are in full 'sand paper' mode now.

Day 3: The shadows are drawing in...

Day 2: Let's face it, this was always going to be the dullest day for any moustache enthusiasts out there. but in time...

Day 1: The quest for the perfect 'tache begins... our intrepid Movemberers are clean-shaven and ready to go!

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