The Lowdown

4th March '16

design opinion

“Great Design!”

The phrase “great design” is something that gets thrown around a lot; both by our clients and in our office!

It’s often used to say we like something. As in, “Great design, I love it!” Other times we’re being more nebulous, and talk about great design as some sort of holy grail, almost unattainable for its mysterious meaning.

Making the mundane magical!

In truth, great design means all of this, and more. When Source undertakes to design anything, whether it’s beautiful packaging, an effective website, or a compelling brochure, design is that element that ensures the product meets the needs of the client.

Great design makes packaging stand out on a shelf!

Great design converts an otherwise standard website into an intelligent, rich experience, reaching more customers and making more sales!

Great design turns a normal brochure into a page turner!

But how do we do it…?

Like the famous Pirate’s Code, there are no rules – they’re more like guidelines. Every element of a design is carefully considered for its impact on the viewer. Size, shape, colour, weight, spacing, kerning, leading, margin… and that’s just the text! Throw images into the mix, be they photographic or illustrative, and the possibilities for presentation are endless.

One key tenant to delivering a message using design is clarity. This means more than keeping text and imagery on the subject; great design uses tricks and shortcuts to leverage the average viewer’s perceptions and expectations, and creates a stronger impression without blending into the crowd.

Another timeless technique to creating memorability and impact in a design is contrast. Whilst this has the obvious meaning of ensuring text and imagery are easily distinguished and absorbed by the viewer, there is a secondary meaning. Contrast means making things stand out from others; giving your product or service the edge, whatever it takes.

Great design is real

Ultimately, great design, as with any beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder. There’s no one way to achieve any one design goal. But anyone will agree, beauty isn’t some myth; great design is real, and it’s important.

Follow the links on the imagery at the bottom of this article to see a few of our own great design examples from our portfolio.

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2nd September '15

design programming user interface

Material Design: Google’s Beautiful New Design Language

Just over a month ago, Google announced Material Design – a triumph of striking interface design and programming acumen. Yesterday, Google’s logo received it’s first real update in 16 years. So what’s it all in aid of? And where does design come in?

The idea behind Material Design is to create a range of interface rules – rather similar to brand guidelines, for anyone familiar – that will dictate the look and feel of all Google’s applications, websites and other designed literature. Where complex, convoluted or inconsistent pages may have been before, Material Design replaces them all with a simpler and more attractive user experience.

If you’re not familiar with user interface design, if you own a computer, tablet or smartphone, you’ve been exposed to a user interface of some sort. That instantly-recognisable grid of apps on your iPhone? The result of a comprehensive user interface design process. Everything on your device’s screen has been designed by someone, from the keyboard layout to where the battery indicator is positioned.

Interface design isn’t just for apps… your website will benefit from a consistent and clear design language, too. It doesn’t need to be complex – quite the opposite. Something as simple as making sure the links on the website are the same colour gives a clear hint to the user: this colour can be clicked to see more. Using a variant font for headings: this text is important, read it first.

If you’re looking to enhance or improve the usability of your website, app or software interface, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help. If you’re interested to learn more about the specifics of the Google Material Design language, visit the Google Design website.

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15th June '14

design source

Working with your friendly neighbourhood designer…

Whilst we at source aim to take all of the legwork out of developing your website or marketing materials, we will often require information from you to make it all happen. Some images, some text, maybe a video or a database of contacts or other information. Fear not! Supplying this information to us is as easy as pie. Our web...

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24th January '14

brochure design

Brochures and catalogues, fabulous and fast!

The latest biannual catalogue produced for Golunski Leather goods (a 62 page product guide for stock purchasing) was turned around by Source in less than a week. It’s never too late to get your catalogue produced professionally! Contact Source today at or on 01743 366336 to discuss your specific needs and timeframe. Producing a catalogue or brochure of your...

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17th January '12

brand design website

Moving for all the Right Reasons

Shropshire estate agents, auctioneers and valuers Davies White & Perry recently underwent a complete rebrand including a brand new fully functional property finding website integrated with RightMove. The updated brand has also been rolled out across the company stationery, sale boards and signage bringing it right up-to-date and beyond in a very competitive market. Davies White & Perry have been...

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13th August '11

design print

Franche School Newsletter Stops the Press!

Franche Community Primary School in Kidderminster, Worcestershire decided to take their school newsletter to a new level this year. Source Design were called in to appraise and reinvigorate the existing school newsletter, and we obliged with a fun and professional page design with an amazingly fast turnaround! The call came in on Thursday; the completed newsletter was supplied by the...

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5th August '11

brand design

Lettuce pray!

Another great brand was recently taken from conception to fruition for PDM Produce, Shropshire growers of baby leaf salads. Source took PDM's objectives on board and came up with the Little Leaf Co brand, a fresh and fun take on a traditional salad bag offering. Eye-catching colour, engaging design and an approachable tone of voice give the product personality and...

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30th March '11


Puzzle This One Out!

Local metagrobologist (we'll forgive you if you didn't know that means 'puzzle-studier') Simon Nightingale came to Source with a sketched puzzle design that needed a bit of polish. Never ones to shy away from a challenge or a new field of design, Source worked with Simon to create two highly detailed, beautiful puzzle diagrams. One of these diagrams was for...

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10th June '09

animation design website

RE:think your approach to energy

Businesses throughout the Rural Regeneration Zone region are being encouraged to RE:think their approach to energy. Marches Energy Agency submitted their brief to five marketing agencies as part of its work under the Government Renewable Energy Directive. Source won the contract to develop the name, brand, marketing material and a bespoke animated and interactive website. The scheme is funded by...

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Wootton George website launched

Source is proud to announce the new Wootton George website has been launched. As part of their wider rebrand, Source has been employed to implement the new corporate identity across all marketing collateral, including exhibitions, stationery and literature. As fundraising consultants Wootton George felt a professional, clean, online presence would convey relevant information to future prospects and ongoing clients alike....

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