Swift Horsman hold the key to performance indicators

13.07.10  |  Website

Customer satisfaction is a huge part of any business, and Swift Horsman Group are no exception. To gauge their performance, they have traditionally used a paper-based KPI (Key Performance Indicator) questionnaire that their clients score as appropriate.

With their new website now established (also developed at Source) they got in touch with us and asked us to modernise their KPI systems. We have developed an interactive add-on to their existing website that allows their clients to login and complete their KPI Questionnaires online, using a slick and easy-to-use interface. Submissions are automatically e-mailed to Swift Horsman for filing at every stage of the KPI process, allowing the company to ensure a consistent high level of service is delivered at every stage.

Jo Watling, Communications and Marketing Manager for Swift Horsman, had this to say: “This new bespoke system is a great addition to our website and I am really pleased with the work Source have done for us.”