Source sponsor a high flyer

06.04.16  |  Source Design

Source are pleased to announce their sponsorship of Wing Cadet Warrant Officer Hope Millar (pictured today with Honorary Group Captain Carol Vorderman RAFVR(T)) for part of her fourth coming trip to Canada as part of the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) program which links the Air Cadets with the world.

For 15 days every July and August students are exchanged to get a taste of the other’s culture. Scheduled activities often include tours of famous landmarks and cultural institutions, aviation facilities including lectures with local aviation figures and visits to military units. Financially, each nation is responsible for its own cadets, and funds often come from governments, civilian aviation enthusiasts, the aerospace industry, or in this case as a helping hand Source.

Hope has been an exceptional Cadet recently becoming a Qualified Aerospace Instructor and winning the student leadership trophy after rising to the highest cadet rank in the wing, serving as the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for Shropshire and gaining both Pilot Navigator and Gliding Scholarship wings are amongst many other honours and achievements.

Well done Hope, Source loves to support talent and drive, wherever it may lie.