Source rolls out website redesign

16.06.11  |  Source Design & Website

A recent redesign of our own Source website sets the bar for usability, presentation and design.

Good design starts with good usability

The new Source site has been built with the evolving web in mind – very recently, the way people access and browse the internet has changed with the emerging smartphone and tablet computer market. We felt it was important to upgrade our web presence to keep up with this latest trend.

A reimagined interface allows users to browse our website in a visual and natural way. The minimal yet memorable page layout gives centre stage to the imagery – our work.

Utilising the latest web technologies

The website utilises the latest web technologies to give a satisfying user experience. If a page is tall, the copy on the left will follow you down the page to save you scrolling. If you want to navigate our client portfolio for specific kinds of work, you can use the filter. Everything has been redesigned to make our content as attractive and accessible as possible.

If you like our new site, we’d love to hear your feedback! Just hit the ‘Like’ button in the bottom left, or drop us a line.