Life at Source, March 2019

04.03.19  |  Source Design & Website

Oftentimes we like to update you when we finish a project we’re proud of, or when a new employee starts with us. But that’s not the full picture – weeks, or even months of work can precede a project’s completion. And just how is the new girl/guy doing, six months down the line?

Fenton & Forrester

Our most recent additions, Sean Fenton and Daisy Forrester, joined us in October 2018. Despite sounding like a hip new detective agency, their roles here at Source are as Web Developer and Account Executive, respectively. Both are thriving in their new positions!

Daisy has become an integral part of our workflow, and is already making communication with our clients clearer and more efficient.

Sean has just seen his first project ‘go live’ – a brand new web presence for Willy’s ACV, purveyors of their own range of apple-based products.

Busy Busy Busy

Many projects continue apace that aren’t quite ready to show themselves off yet…

Our client, Tyrrells, continue to expand their fabulous range of potato and veg crisps, and our designers are hard at work producing imagery that lives up to the product.

We are currently working with Christian Black Country activity hub, Love Black Country, to produce a new and expanded web presence to let them communicate their news and events more clearly to visitors.

Existing client, Acota, recently came back to Source for an update to their existing website/download repository. This work saw their current website keep its existing smart design, whilst updating the underlying technology to WordPress – allowing the client a more streamline update process.

Allie’s Back!

After a year’s hiatus to care for newborn Tom, our Digital Marketing Executive Allie Perry has returned to her post, helping clients effectively market themselves online. Her work in copywriting and analytics enhances any website, with insights garnered from customer browsing data. It’s science.


Life at Source continues apace, for faces new and old. If you have a project you’re interested in exploring, or simply want to come by and get acquainted with anyone on the team, give us a call or drop us an email.