The Lowdown

16th October '11


I could save McDonalds millions of pounds…

I could save McDonalds millions of pounds each year… now, bear with me here.

It has been bugging me, Nick, for ages, months actually… I’m not in the business of saving greedy global corporations money but I think this suggestion has some positives for the human race too. All they need to do is stop putting salt on the fries – and only add salt at the request of the customer!

They save money because they are using less salt and at the same time they help the population cut down on their own salt intake. Thus reducing the level of all types of nasties that can kill off people in this country. Now if that’s not a good deal for everyone then I don’t know what is!

So, for what reason do they put salt on their fries by default? Well, I remember when I used to play Theme Park on the PC back in the 90’s. Like Sim City but you build a theme park instead. Anyway, the little assistant manager dude tells you that if you add salt to your fries, the customers will want a drink to wash it away. They call it an ‘add-on’ sale…

What sense does that make? Who just goes into McDonalds and buys fries on their own? You don’t! No one buys fries on their own! You buy fries as part of a meal deal. The drink is included! So they are not gaining anything.

I see no reason to add salt unless the customer asks for it. I shall be speaking to Ronald very soon to save him money… But more importantly… fat kids’ lives…