Hopkins Longworth get the full solution

14.07.14  |  Brand, Digital marketing & Website

Executive Search and Senior Recruitment specialists Hopkins Longworth chose Source to deliver their full solution; brand, stationery, internal documents and website.

With their professional image in our hands, we made sure that we understood every facet of their business and services before undertaking any work. We worked closely with Hopkins Longworth to produce branding that reflected their professional attitude and skills as International Executive Search and Senior Recruitment specialists.

The brand itself is understated yet impactful; elegant and classic. Smart use of greyscale and type means that the brand is easily recognisable at any scale, in any medium. Hopkins Longworth’s in-house communications and website all utilise the brand prominently, ensuring they give a consistent and professional image.

Their website has a clean structure that makes it easy to find information – services, team member profiles or Hopkins Longworth’s contact information can all be reached with a single click of the mouse or tap of the screen. Imagery is minimal  and prominently-featured testimonials give a strong impression of the company.