The Lowdown

Right Home Right Place Launches With A New Website & Branding

Right Home Right Place is a local authority business in Shropshire that helps provide support to people who are looking for affordable housing, community housing and general house buying advice. RHRP approached Source with the need for a brand, website and ongoing digital marketing.

Designing A Website & Brand That Works For You

Over the course of the project, Source worked closely with RHRP to develop and deliver a brand identity that would resonate with their target audience. This bespoke brand has subsequently rolled out across the new website and all marketing collateral.

“After being recommended to Source, I met with the team to discuss our branding and web needs”, explained Tim from RHRP. “We had a very tight timescale, however Source provided creativity, professionalism and a can do attitude throughout, delivering the project ahead of schedule, on budget and beyond expectation.”

Bespoke Website Design Using WordPress

Our web developers in Shrewsbury built the site using WordPress, ensuring that the team at RHRP can easily update and add content via the user friendly CMS. The new website is fully optimised for mobile, an essential part of website design in 2018, as well as being up to date with all of the latest security features.

Tim went on to say, “we are delighted to be working with Source ongoing, rolling out a multi-channel marketing campaign, optimising the benefit of working with a full service agency.”

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Website Design In 2018

Website design is one of the fastest evolving forms of communication. The last 5 years have seen rapidly changing attitudes towards what is considered good web design. And that is largely thanks to mobile phones and tablets.

If you think about traditional forms of communication, they haven’t changed anywhere near as much as their digital counterparts.

Good Website Design Should Not Be Complicated

User experience is a crucial aspect of designing a new website. But equally important is accessibility and site speed.

Responsive design has evolved into designing mobile-first, meaning faster, easier to use websites.

The ability to access the web whilst on the move means making sure a website works, even when the internet connection is at its poorest.

Web Design Can Be Beautiful

It might appear that web development is formulaic, and yes there are set rules to follow. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative.

Remember, a website is your digital shop front. This might be your first, and only, opportunity to catch the attention of a potential customer.

We’ve seen some excellent websites popping up this year, and many of the best all have similar design aspects. Here’s our look at what goes in to designing a great website in 2018.

Moving Image Is Everything

It is widely considered that video is a far better way of engaging with your audience. Whilst sites still require written content, a video can convey a message much quicker.

By showcasing a video on your homepage, similar to Harper Adams Student Union, you stand a better chance of engaging with your audience from the very beginning.

However, if video isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have the budget for it, you might want to consider alternative options. Perhaps a cinemagraph? Or a gif?

When done well, these small visual additions to your site can mean the difference between a boring page, or a highly engaging one.


Long gone are the days of cramming as much information as possible onto a webpage. In fact, data suggests that less is more.

Simple, easy to use menus are the way forward. Take the Building Design Group site for example. The homepage layout is vibrant with lots of images. We have then stripped the menu down to focus on the main aspects of the site.

By designing with user intent in mind, you can optimise your content to suit your audience. Great design will guide a customer to the right areas of your website without them having to struggle finding it.

Making sure you understand your target audience is essential. Once you have that figured out, you can start to design the content around their needs. Which leads us nicely on to…

…Data Lead Design

Websites should be in a constant state of evolution. The best way to inform any updates is by using quality data.

Google Analytics is useful to an extent, but it is limiting in what it can tell you about how a user interacts with your content.

However, heatmapping is a handy way to see how people use your site. You might think that a page looks great, but if no one uses it the way you’d expect, then you should look at improving it?

Heat maps will allow you to assess your current design and the data they provide will allow you to make informed decisions about any updates.

Streamlining The Customer Journey

If the primary aspect of your website is e-commerce, it is vital that you optimise the user journey. Once you have developed an effective and easy purchasing process, you can add design features that will enhance the experience.

We are particularly proud of the b.fresh site. The checkout process is complex, but it has been designed in a user friendly way to ensure the smoothest possible customer journey.

Is Your Website Performing As Well As It Could Be?

If you are looking to maximise your website investment, we’d love to hear from you. From creating a bespoke website design to designing and building a site that works for you and your business. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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An Exciting Beginning For Brewer’s Goose

Source is delighted to have recently completed a branding project and website design for Brewer's Goose. An exciting new concept, Brewer's Goose supplies hand-reared, free range Leicestershire geese that have been sustainably fed on brewer's grains. They have partnered with Harper Adams University (Source recently rebranded their SU) as part of their scholarship programme, which sees a percentage of every...

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Social Media Tips & Tricks: Instagram

You might have heard that Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most successful social media channels. But as a business, do you really need another online profile? Especially one that is, "just pictures of stuff"? Our digital marketing team are here to give their verdict... What Is Instagram Instagram is a social media platform that can be used to...

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New Website Design Rolled Out For Techni

A web design agency in Shrewsbury has recently completed a new website for Techni, the "market leaders in the design and manufacture of cast mount and drive solutions for the mobile transport industry." The comprehensive site includes multiple pages of technical information and detailed images of products, so it was vital that the structure complemented the content. Effective navigation is...

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Source Raise Money In Race For Life

Source will be taking part in the Shrewsbury Race For Life on 1st July 2018 and raising money for Cancer Research UK. The women's-only event has been running since 1994, where ladies across the country are sponsored to walk, jog or run the 5-kilometre course. This years event will be taking place at The Quarry, Shrewsbury, with all proceeds raised...

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Healthy Holidays & Digital Ads

There are so many options available when it comes to digital ads. It is now more important than ever that your products and services stand out from the competition, whether that be online or in the real world. With a wealth of digital expertise and a dedicated in-house creative team, Source was recently commissioned to create two different digital display...

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