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Puzzle This One Out!

Local metagrobologist (we'll forgive you if you didn't know that means 'puzzle-studier') Simon Nightingale came to Source with a sketched puzzle design that needed a bit of polish.

Never ones to shy away from a challenge or a new field of design, Source worked with Simon to create two highly detailed, beautiful puzzle diagrams. One of these diagrams was for NOBOX, a complex locking/unlocking puzzle box for which Simon has since gone on to win international competitions.

Simon is also an attendee of Gathering for Gardner in Atlanta, Georgia, where he has given lectures on the nature of puzzles, sketching and their insights into the human psyche. A sketched maze puzzle based on Georgia itself was created for Simon's lecture.

If your design requirements are a little out of the ordinary, have no fear; Source can accommodate you. Drop us a line to discuss your needs for a no obligation quote.

We shoot… we score!

Stadium Sculpture, artisan crafters of cast bronze and silver sculptures of sports stadia, came to Source for an upmarket, exclusive and professional brand.

Source followed this through an entire range of digital and marketing material, all adhering to Stadium Sculpture's modern yet timeless identity. Both capitalised on the elegance and glamour inherent to Stadium Sculpture's product, by utilising beautifully simplistic, yet powerful photography and typography within the website and brochure.

Additionally the website utilises jQuery to animate a slick introduction sequence, giving visitors a strong impression of the company and its values from the first page. The brochure also makes use of QR codes to link to the website encouraging prospective clients to explore the Stadium Sculpture concept and philosophy.

Quality, grandeur and desire were all watchwords in the production of Stadium Sculpture's brand and we think the work speaks to all these concepts in its simplicity.

Macmillan Coracle Relays 2012

The annual Macmillan Coracle Relay World Championship is nearly here! On Friday 15th June, after a year's hiatus, Source will once again take to the waves... and we are raring to go!

As the astute of you will have...

Digital Fit-out for MPG

When a client approaches us for an update to their existing website, the first thing we do is meet and discuss what the client already has and what objectives they would like to achieve with a new site.


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