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The Source of creation... even babies!

Shropshire-based design agency Source is considering auctioning off one of its chairs on eBay - it's affectionately known as the "baby making chair".

Since moving to Shrewsbury in 2003, Source has seen four pregnancies from designers sitting in the hot seat!

MD Sally Atkinson said "it's remarkable how many of our ladies have become pregnant, I definitely put it down to the chair! You've heard of people visiting monasteries and lakes all over the world to become pregnant - but you don't need to go that far... just sit in the chair at Source!

I am of course extremely pleased for our designers and in particular, wish our latest two pregnant ladies lots of luck and joy with their impending new arrivals."

Chip it... Boil it... Mash it... Box it!

Yes, Box it! The brand new concept of 'Potatoes in a Box' has been launched into ASDA. Potatoes in a Box was created by Cathy Suckley of Hopton Farm and Rob Ward of Greenfields Farm Shop.

The two collaborated to create the concept of selling locally grown potatoes in a box and asked Source based in Shrewsbury to develop their brand identity and packaging for them. Not only is the box reusable but it keeps the potatoes fresher for longer and is a unique way of storing potatoes.

Source Managing Director Sally Atkinson said "It's a fantastic concept and was a fun project to work on - our strengths in packaging design are growing ever stronger and the Potatoes in a Box design is certainly one we're very proud of. I'll definitely be popping to ASDA to buy Potatoes in a Box."

ASDA in Shrewsbury & Donnington are currently stocking Potatoes in a Box with it being rolled out to other stores in the near future.

Cathy Suckley said "I'm delighted with the design of the box and was thrilled at how Source translated our key messages regarding the potatoes - it was done in a humorous way but emphasised the environmental aspects too." Rob Ward added "I've worked with Sally at Source for many years and was confident that her team could pull off the kind of packaging that we had in mind."

Potatoes in a Box are locally grown at Hopton Farm in Nesscliffe, Shrewsbury.

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