…And a partridge in a pair tree

04.12.18  |  Christmas & Competition

The chestnuts are roasting. The geese are getting fat. Christmas is here! And that can only mean one thing… the Source Christmas Pairs game is back!

25 days of Christmas charity pairs game

That’s right – the popular “match up our mugs” game is ready and waiting for you over here:

Play now
It’s simple – click on the tiles and try to match up the pairs in the fastest time possible. Once you’re done, enter your details and you’ll automatically be in with a chance of winning…a mystery prize! Yep, for now, we’re keeping that little gem under our hats – but be sure to check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regularly over the coming week for our announcement. Trust us, it’s not to be missed.

We’ve all been having a go here and, to date, the office record stands at 43 seconds. Can you beat it? Give it a go and find out.